• Guest count varies depending on the type of event and seating.
  • A dance could easily accommodate up to 200 inside with little or no seating.
  • A seated wedding in the Main Hall only would hold up to 100.
  • An outdoor wedding could be much larger, with the porch and main hall ready to accommodate a reception.
  • Dinner table seating would depend on the set up and style of event such as buffet or served. 
  • Festival and outdoor options can expand for up to 500 or more.
  • Each event can be different.  We work with you to obtain the best outcome.
  • We have enough tables and chairs on site to accommodate 100 guests.  Additional seating can be added from local vendors. 
  • Casual seating and additional benches seat an additional 50+ guests
  • Outdoor seating can be casual; such as straw bales for festivals or other large events. 

Yes the hay rides are available in the fall weather permitting through early November.

Horse drawn hay rides available for an additional fee.

You are welcome to call us at 812-240-9588 or send an e-mail to eventlodge@gmail.com